Collection: Bohemian Heart Enchanted Collection


Our Bohemian collection is a beautiful Enchanted collection featuring detailed colours of different shades of oranges, yellows, reds, pinks, purples, greens & natural tones to express a modern minimal bohemian feel, letting you truly create a space and environment around you that reflects your personality while enjoying beautiful colours, prints and materials.

Paisley prints, wildflowers and seashells, that dance across dreamy soft 100% cotton slub fabric, chunky tassels, truly topping off that enchanted feel of the designs. 

Our throws and sleeping bags are for days when you want to effortlessly lounge around on your living room couch, feeling cozy under a beautiful blanket. They’re for those times you want a gorgeous throw or comfortable sleeping bag to bring on your next adventure, to sit on and gaze at the sun setting over the ocean with your best friends & a drink in hand.

They are made to keep you warm & comfortable while you throw it around you to keep you warm as the sun fades and the moon rises surrounded by the twinkling of stars in the fresh night air, while you laugh and create memories to last a lifetime…

Whatever way you choose to use our beautiful throw blankets, sleeping bags, bags totes, cushions and camping chairs they are sure to make a statement whenever you are.


Bohemian Heart Enchanted Collection