Pre Orders

** A pre order is an order placed for an item that is currently 'Not in stock', or an item that has 'Not yet been released 'Coming Soon'** 

All items marked or listed as pre-order can be purchased in advance, and your order will be fulfilled and dispatched to you upon arrival of stock or product release.

An ETA is provided on pre-orders, an is as accurate as possible given to us by our manufactures and shipping carriers and is updated on products when we receive notification from our manufactures.

** If this does not suit your time frame, 'please do not purchase the item'

Pre-orders cannot be cancelled **

**Proceeding with purchase means you agree to these terms and conditions** 

All orders are dispatched as a whole, so if you purchase an available item with a pre-order item, the available item will be sent when the pre-order item arrives.

If you wish for the available item to be shipped separately, please contact us to arrange. An additional shipping charge will occur. 

Information on Pre-orders can be found in our 'Terms & Conditions'