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Beauty and Wellness go hand in hand. Because we see beauty as carving time for yourself, for feeling as if you're prioritizing your health and happiness and building that glow from the inside.

Our Sunday Club collection of custom blend essential oils that help nourish different areas of your life. Ranging from blends to help you focus all the way to relaxing blends that help you slip into that Sunday state of mind.

Sunday Club is here to be a delightful little escape, a means to rebalance and a source of support for women juggling their busy lives and looking for some nourishment. 

Sunday Club is created woman in exactly the same position as you - successful, strong, supportive and managing mayhem at home. She created this escape for the other mothers, sisters, partners and friends who are seeking balance and wanting to invest time and energy into their wellness.

It’s aim is to carve out a community of women that cherish self-care. Because investing in your mind, body and soul is always something that should be supported, Sunday Club is ready and raring to give you your own personal standing ovation. We can’t wait to see you glow.

Welcome to the Sunday state of mind.