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Hand Crafted

We have spent a lot of time sourcing only the very best of products to add to the Sun Republic story.

Our exclusive styles and unique collections are beautifully hand-crafted and hand-made using, all Natural products and materials.

100% Cotton, Linen, Jute, Woven Atta, Feathers etc

As individual pieces are lovingly hand crafted and hand-made by artisans using natural products and materials, some minor variations in size, design or colour will naturally occur from piece to piece. 

Each piece is hand made to the best quality and standard and each piece is unique.

The origin of pieces are from India, Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

We are committed to ethically sourcing our products, which includes ensuring our suppliers working conditions and environments are safe acceptable and they are paid a decent, livable wage, and we support the community and industry.

Our artisans who hand-make many of our products such as cushion, rugs, Juju hats wall hanging and bags, work in home environments (Cottage Industry) and are not subject to daily quotas. 

Many items can can take up to two weeks to complete, from harvesting the atta reeds, feathers, spinning and dying cottons and linen, sewing and stitching etc

You can be proud to own an individual and unique piece from Sun Republic

All Sun Republic items can be PRE-ORDERED, as Limited stock is held in store, due to each piece being an original hand crafted item.

Custom pieces and colours can also be requested by contacting us at

We order regularly from our suppliers every month, with estimated manufacture and delivery times occurring every 4 - 6 weeks