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Stunning Bamboo Banana Leaf Palm

Make a statement in your home with these lovely leaf palms.

Stylish and neutral with lots of character and texture, a sure way to add eye catching statement and fill those empty corners in your home

These stunning decor pieces will add warmth, texture, depth and a focal point in any home, looking  stunning in a large floor pot or vase or you can trim them down for a smaller table vase. 

Group together in a pot or vase or hang individually on a wall

Stand 2 Meters tall (Can be cut down) and light weight

Available in 3 individual styles 

Pre-orders are open on these beautiful pieces as limited stock is held in our warehouse of each design, and they sell fast. If you purchase, your order will be allocated to pre-order status and for-filled upon arrival of our next shipment  

Pre-orders closed

Next Shipment is due approx late August/September

**Before ordering, please ensure you have read the description carefully as well as our terms & conditions in relation to pre-orders, returns, refunds and damages. If you have any questions, please contact us**