African Buhera Basket Gourds

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Handwoven with a firm cane fiber they are extremely durable and create beautiful statement pieces for your home. Dependent on size, add as to a hallway, corner nook, or shelf - the most versatile decorative piece you will have.

Since each Buhera Gourd is individually handmade there will be slight variation in size, colour and shape, as well as possible woven irregularities. This gives each gourd a unique character!

The Buhera baskets and bowls are hand woven in Zimbabwe using local cane reeds of the Buhera district, Zimbabwe - traditionally used to store and carry grains.

Please take care with prices - Buhera Gourds are measured by the circumference of their weaving, not their height or width - to ensure the artisans can measure and charge for the time they weave and the materials they use.

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