Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Natural (Pink) Himalayan Salt lamp


Himalayan salt lamps have many health benefits, are perfect for nursery's, safe around children and pets and are a stylish addition to any home

A Salt Lamp helps to clean and purify the air and you feel better as a result.

Salt lamps work by creating negative ions – the light within the lamp heats up the salt crystals creating the negative ions. This then neutralizes the positive ions in the air.

Likewise, airborne toxins such as allergens, bacteria and mold carry positive charges and are neutralized by the salt lamp

So just take a few moments to take a look around your surroundings and identify all the electrical devices that surround you.

Laptop or Computer, Fridge, the glow of phone, TV or your air conditioner, Maybe all are happening at once!  Positive ions are a result of electronic equipment in our environments such as computers, televisions, microwaves, etc.

They cause problems including allergies, sinus, increased stress and insomnia, generally, too many positive ions in the air can make you feel sluggish and stuffy.