Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushion | Blush

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Our incredible Sabra Cactus Silk cushions are made from the Sahara Agave cactus and with a mixture of sabra and cactus silk

They are thick, hardy, holds it shape, and full of character.

Each cushion is hand made in Morocco by our artisans, making each one individual and unique 

These beautiful cushions will take pride of place in your home Cushions are the perfect addition to any home

These gorgeous cushions are approximately 50cm x 50cm and sold excluding inners.

Sizes do vary slightly as these are handmade.

Please note: Each cushion is individually hand crafted and Unique, no two are the same!

All patterns are beautiful, however no two patterns are identical. Please be aware that the pattern you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured.

One of a kind. Handmade.

Care: due to vegan dyes this item cannot be washed.

Made from a heavy woven material – all handmade.

Care: due to vegan dyes this item cannot be washed.