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FEMME is curvy and diverse. She radiates confidence, positivity and beauty.

A statement candle that will compliment any space and surface. Made from all natural, deluxe soy wax and premium fragrance. NO paraffin additive. Stunning from all angles, and smells beautiful too.

- 9cm in height, and 6cm at her widest.

- natural, creamy soy wax 

- Femme is delicate, so please handle with care.

- Best kept out of direct sunlight or drafty areas.

Although our candles are designed as mainly decor pieces, we recommend using a candle plate or trinket dish underneath if burning, to catch the melting wax. Femme has a 45 minute burn time on average although - we recommend burning her in short intervals to avoid large wax spill. Drafts and room temperatures may speed up burning time.

If you notice "sweating" (small droplets) occurring on your candle - simply dab with a tissue or paper towel to remove any residue. Make sure your candle is placed in a room with a consistent temperature and away from heat and direct sunlight.

 All our stunning candles are individually made & hand-poured, so please allow for some slight imperfections that may occur at some point during the process

Colour may vary slightly between each beauty due to all being individually crafted