Travertine Off Cuts | Natural - Grey

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Our travertine off cut pieces are so on trend right now the styling possibilities are endless

Available in various sizes, the natural Travertine pieces are perfect for styling your candles, under a vase, soap pump or even your jewelry

They look equally as lovely stacked alone 

Please note: These lovely travertine pieces are true offcuts and as such each piece has its own unique shape and size, no two piece are alike 

Size is approximates as all pieces are genuine off-cuts from our stone mason, and are all various shapes and sizes, and difficult to measure exactly

Pieces are Approximately between 25-35cm x 30-20cm 

Colour: Natural Travertine Natural with light grey undertone

    All pieces are 30mm in thickness and sold individually 

    A Limited number of pieces are available, and are only available when our Stone Mason has them.