Care Instructions for Sabra (Cactus Silk)

Our incredible Sabra Cactus Silk cushions, rugs and throws are made from the Sahara Agave cactus and with a mixture of sabra and cactus silk. These products are thick, hardy, hold their shape and are full of character. Each piece is hand-dyed and hand stitched in Morocco by our artisans, making each one individual and unique.


Dry clean only
Do Not Machine Wash
Do not tumble dry
Air dry
Iron on low heat
All sabra (cactus silk) cushions, throws and rugs must be dry cleaned to prevent colours from bleeding or fading. The colours will run and discolour if washed in water. You can spot clean with a slightly damp cloth if necessary.
Please note: There are imperfections from the hand-dying process (small blotches, bleeding etc). The colours and patterns will vary with each unique cushion, adding character and charm to the piece.
Sun Republic does not take responsibility for cushions that have been washed and cared for incorrectly.