Candle Fragrances

Coastal Waters - The perfect fresh summer fragrance with notes of sandalwood, rose geranium and crisp top notes including bergamot, lemon, lime + mandarin. This one is a top-seller, fall in love with this fragrance!

Sea Salt + Sage - Bring the beach to your home; a soft and fresh fragrance with a sea-side feel. Combination of Oud, sea salt, sage, fir needle + bergamot. 

Mimosa + Mandarin - A fragrance that feels like you have been whisked away to a summer beach holiday. Crisp, zesty and bubbly fragrance with a sweet softness. With base notes of lily, vanilla, middle notes of mimosa, jasmine, lavender and mandarin, tangerine top notes. This is another top-seller and personal favourite.

Oud wood + Musk - A unique statement fragrance; enjoy the musk and woody notes of cedar wood, jasmine + amber. If you love burning incense, this one's for you! Winner for both men and women.

Coconut Lime - An invigorating blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena along with rich undertones of dreamy vanilla this aroma will take you back to warm balmy evenings and beautiful sunsets. An irresistible favourite with both males and females of all ages.

French Pear - A richly layered fragrance that is infused with notes of lush ripe pears and laced with delicious dessert like spices. With an enticing aroma of ripe pears, laced with  cinnamon and a slight touch of coconut and vanilla to soften the spice.

Sandalwood Vanilla - Is a beautiful smooth and sensual woody fragrance. Combined with a subtle blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla for a softening touch. With warm rich tones of sandalwood that are combined with orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla to create a beautiful smooth and sensual woody fragrance.

Exotic Amber - Is a truly mysterious and exotic blend of amber, cedar-wood and patchouli laced together with a subtle hint of vanilla which makes it appealing to many men and woman.

Lotus Flower - Is a fragrance you can fall in love with an infusion of richly sensual oriental fragrances. Imagine layers of perfect white lotus delicately woven with threads of vanilla and patchouli to provide you with an intoxicating aroma of mystery.

Lychee Guava - Is a beautiful sweet, vibrant and fresh scent, with lychee fruit and mixed berries balanced with a fruit burst of guava sorbet, lime peel and vanilla.

Clove & Sandalwood - Is a delightful warming woody scent with beginnings of cedar wood and patchouli lingering in combination with spicy clove cinnamon amber and white musk.