Collection: Short Stools + Stump Stools

Are you looking for the perfect side table to complete your living space or maybe a short stool to compliment your bathroom, bedroom or living area?

Sun Republic have a lovely range of side tables and stools in a variety of materials, designs and sizes. 

Whether you are after a small side table or stool, a larger coffee table, you're sure to find something to suit your home. 

Sun Republic has a beautiful range of side tables and short stools perfect for indoor or outdoor use, from rustic timber, American oak, Teak, Rattan, Concrete, Stone or Terrazzo, round, square, rectangular or unique stump and peg styles.

Short Stools are a beautiful accompaniment to add to your home décor and a versatile piece to have in any room. Stools can provide a beautiful place to add you accessories in the bathroom, use as a side table in the bedroom or living room and provide additional seating when required with out taking up to much space.

Shop our range of side tables and stools to complete your space 

Short Stools