Collection: Bags & Totes + Hats & Visors


Our beautiful bags, clutches, totes and hats are both stylish and functional.

So whether your off to the beach, picnic, BBQ, a day of shopping, markets or lunch with the girls, our Sun Republic collections have got your covered.

Beautiful hand woven totes, raffia clutches adorned with shells, seagrass atta bags, palm Leaves hats and visors, are a definite must have summer wardrobe essential.

Our wide brim side fringe sun hats and visors are perfect for garden, poolside or holiday, perfect brim hat for those hot summer days, or get a little creative and hang it on a plain wall to add texture and character to you space.

Set out in style when your at the beach, picnic, poolside at the markets or travelling with our Sun Republic Fashion and accessories. 


Bags & Totes + Hats & Visors